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Friday, March 24, 2000

We've been supporters of the Gray/Mexican Wolf Re-Introduction for a few years now.
Just saw this in an e-mail newsletter:

The U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service has finally issued a decision approving
the release of endangered Mexican gray wolves directly into New
Mexico's Gila Wilderness. The Center developed a "Wolf Safe Haven
Plan" in 1999 to encourage the agency to introduce wolves to the Gila/
Aldo Leopold wilderness complex after five wolves were shot in eastern
Arizona. New Mexico's Gila Wilderness area has few roads or cattle,
but plenty of good wolf habitat and prey species. The plan and our
New York Times ad promoting its adoption is available at:

Most of the 9,000 comments received on the Fish and Wildlife Service
proposal supported reintroduction to the Gila.

Four wolves from the previously re-captured Mule Pack were scheduled
to be placed in temporary on-site acclimation pens in the Gila today
where they will be held for up to 30 days before being released into the
wild. The pack consists of a male, a pregnant female, and two pups. The
Pipestem pack will released in another portion of the Gila Wilderness
later this month. It consists of a pregnant alpha pair, three pups, and a
two year old female. The female may not be released as half her leg
was amputated during her ill-conceived recapture.

Additional wolves were also recently reintroduced to Arizona's Blue
Primitive Range. On 3-14-00, the Steeple Creek Pack, consisting of an
alpha pair and three pups, was placed in an acclimation pen. They will
be released into the wild before elk calves are born this spring. There are
currently 13 wolves in Arizona's Blue Range, including the Steeple Creek
pack of five, the Campbell Blue Pack of four, and the Hawk's Nest Pack of
four. A lone yearling from the Gavilan pack has crossed from Arizona into
New Mexico and has been repeatedly seen in northern portion of the Gila
National Forest.

Yay, it's weekend!
See ya soon!

Bill | 3/24/2000 04:12:00 PM |

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