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Ridingduo's Latest!

Okay, here's what's up.
Some of you have come here after getting an E-mail from me direct,
and others have come through some link posted at a newsgroup, forum or another page of mine somewhere.
I'll be using this page as a portal to some of my newer work.

However you got here, thanks for the visit!
If you have any problems with the FLASH slideshow, please check out the galleries!

Southern Arizona

Slide Show    Immaculate Heart School     Gallery

Slide Show    San Xavier Mission     Gallery

Kitt Peak Observatory

Signal Hill at the Saguaro National Monument

Southwest Colorado

LaPlata Canyon  (ghosttown)
Dunton  (ghosttown)
Rico  (old mining town)
The Weatherill Fire  (panoramic)
Cortez from above  (panoramic)

Hovenweep National Monument  CO/UT Border

Lowry Ruin, Canyons Of The Ancients  CO/UT Border

The Escalante Ruins  Dolores River Valley, CO

Mesa Verde National Park

The Cliff Palace
Kodak House
Long House Ruin
Coyote Village
Megalithic House
Petroglyph Point Trail
Spruce Tree House
Pipe Shrine House
Far View House
Far View Tower
Far View Reservior

Southeast Utah

Newspaper Rock Canyonlands N.P.
Sand Canyon Canyonlands N.P.

Come on back now, ya hear?

We're home... ...and the light's always on.