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Tuesday, April 03, 2001

If this don't take all!!!
Look, I'm 47 years old...a tradesworker - a cabinetmaker who has had to actually work for a living.
But now I work in the aircraft industry.
What I'm getting at is this...
I mean...
have I seen so many macho bastards come up with as many excuses for not doing their jobs.
I'm serious here folks,
these people practically break a sweat trying to come up with ways to do ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.
Go figure, I guess the money's not right...they're only averaging about $25 an hour...
So, to all you worthless do nothings out there I dedicate this Blog link:
The Mother of All Excuses Place
Enjoy, you worthless shits...

Bill | 4/03/2001 07:09:00 PM |

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